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Puron™ Is The Key To Quantum Plus™ PerformanceQuantum Plus - easy to install

Rapid Cool Heating and Refrigeration Ltd. and Bryant are committed to environment protection, efficiency and value. With the Quantum Plus, Bryant offers true comfort and economy using the environmentally sound refrigerant Puron.

Puron is the industry-backed, long-term replacement for R-22, the refrigerant currently used by most air conditioning systems. This refrigerant has received the highest SAFETY rating from The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers. While many other manufacturers are just beginning to develop environmentally sound products, Bryant is expanding a product line that has been in homes like yours since 1996.

Puron was developed to provide cooling without depleting the earth’s Ozone layer. This refrigerant is also responsible for greater performance and energy efficiency when used as a part of a central air conditioning system.

Economical Comfort Now
And For The Future

Bryant’s  family of air conditioners and heat pumps offers a full range of energy efficiency levels designed to provide economical cooling no matter which model is right for you. By replacing an older, less efficient model with a Quantum Plus, you’ll save money on your cooling costs now and for years to come. And, with the impending phase-out of R-22, you’ll avoid the higher costs of servicing or replacing your current system.

Comfort You Feel, Not Hear
There’s nothing quite like stepping into a cool, comfortable home on a hot summer day. With the Quantum Plus, that experience is especially satisfying because your home is not only comfortable, it’s quiet too. Thanks to Bryant’s exclusive AeroQuiet System, the Quantum Plus beats the competition in sound comparison testing for low noise operation.

  • Service and repair
  • New installation
  • Replacement systems

At Rapid Cool we know how important it is to have your heating or air conditioning system up and running when you need it the most. Proper maintenance and service is the key to keeping the system working well. When you call for a service tech to come to your home you will have one of our fully trained  staff taking care of your equipment.



When given a choice, homeowners like you have turned to Bryant for their indoor comfort needs. It’s been that way since the early 1900s because Bryant has always provided reliable, energy-efficient comfort you can count on. That history continues today as environmental issues force manufacturers to develop products that not only keep us comfortable, but conserve energy and minimize their effects on the ozone layer.Bryant’s line up of heat pumps and air conditioners meets today’s tougher standards without sacrificing your family’s comfort. Rapid Cool Heating and Refrigeration Ltd. is your key to deciding which system best suits your needs.

MODEL 123A – Air Conditioner with Puron® Refrigerant

The Model 123A Air Conditioner with Puron® Refrigerant by Bryant is the perfect air conditioner for those homeowners who care for the environment. The device has a 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) cooling efficiency, and with that comes the potential to save money on energy bills. This model is quiet and does its job well and cleanly. Not only does Bryant keep in mind the environment with the Model 123A, but they also know that they have to keep their products durable, so they built this model with their DuraGuard™ protection package. That will keep it safe from the elements, and also if the kids are having a little too much fun with the soccer ball.

The Model 123A pairs perfectly with the Thermidistat™ Control unit. Use the Thermidistat™ to have complete control over your air conditioning.

Rapid Cool is the only British Columbia authorized dealer who can confidently work with Bryant® products. Talk to us for all of your home management product needs!

If you have any more questions about the Model 123A, don’t hesitate to ask us about it!

MODEL 187A – Air Conditioner with Puron® Refrigerant

Another one of the Bryant products that Rapid Cool proudly offers is the Model 187A Air Conditioner with Puron® Refrigerant. This models provides maximum relaxation with Bryant’s Evolution™ Control and Perfect Humidity™ function. With an energy efficiency of up to 17.0 SEER, it can help homeowners everywhere save money, and minimize their impact on the environment.

The Model 187A is extremely quiet, most often running on its lowest fan speed to reduce the noise. It comes fitted with Bryant’s 5-Point AeroQuiet II™ fan to keep the sound to a minimal 70 decibels. We mentioned that the Model 187A is energy efficient as well. While standard systems consume up to 600 watts of energy on low speed fan, this model consumer less than 100 watts on low.

The Model 187A is built to last, and is extremely durable even against the toughest weather British Columbia has to dish out. If something does go wrong though, Bryant offers a 10-year limited warranty on the Model 187A’s compressor, and a 5-year limited warranty on the entire system.

If you’re looking to get the most control from the Model 187A, pair it with the Evolution™ Control Thermostat. It has seven day full programmability and allows for precise temperature and humidity control. It also features intelligent electronic tracking, which identifies the best combination between comfort and energy consumption for your home.

Rapid Cool is the only British Columbia authorized dealer who can confidently work with Bryant® products. Talk to us for all of your home management product needs!

If you have any more questions about the Model 187A, don’t hesitate to ask us about it!

MODEL 189B Variable-Speed Air Conditioner with Puron® Refrigerant – Evolution® V Air Conditioner

If you’re looking for an air conditioner that perfectly balances comfort and energy consumption, then look no further than the Evolution® V Air Conditioner Model 198B. This model has the beautiful ability to deliver consistent indoor comfort, even when it’s blistering hot outside. The Evolution® V Air is one of most energy efficient models, with a SEER of 19.0.

If chosen to be installed with the complete Evolution® System, the Evolution® V Air combines control and speed to cool your home perfectly. This is made possible when paired with the Evolution® Connex™ control monitor. It audits the conditions inside and outside of the home and adjusts the air conditioner as needed. The Perfect Humidity® technology by Bryant can also be paired with the Model 189B to perfectly control the humidity in your house so that you can enjoy a cool and comfortable atmosphere, even it’s hot and humid outside.

All of Bryant’s products are tested above and beyond the industrial standards, and it doesn’t end there. The ultimate test begins with the homeowner. Bryant products are built to last, and if there are any issues with your conditioner, there’s no need to worry because the Evolution® V Model 189B is covered by a 10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration of your new equipment.

Rapid Cool is the only British Columbia authorized dealer who can confidently work with Bryant® products. Talk to us for all of your home management product needs!

If you have any more questions about the Evolution® V Model 189B, don’t hesitate to ask us about it!

MODEL 280ANV Variable Speed Heat Pump with Puron® Refrigerant

The Model 280ANV delivers a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) up to 20.5, and boasts a 13 Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). Essentially, that means that the Model 280ANV can save you large amounts of money on heating and cooling costs.

One of the top-of-the-line products that Bryant has to offer, the Model 280ANV provides excellent heating and cooling for your home. It provides comfort, saves money, is environmentally sound, quiet, and comes with a warranty that will allow you to rest easier at night.

Talk to us at Rapid Cool about installing your Model 280ANV!

Programmable and Non-Programmable Comfort Controls

If you install an air conditioner or heater from Bryant, you’re going to need a way to efficiently control your home’s’ environment. That’s why there’s the Preferred™ Series Thermostats.

The Programmable model offers the top control for your home, for things like temperature, and comfort settings for different times of day. If you have a humidifier installed, then you can control that as well. The thermostat even lets you know when it’s time to change the service filters, and humidifier pads.

The Non-Programmable model offers less control and flexibility than the Programmable model, but it’s actually perfect for those who like the ‘touch-n-go’ style of thermostats. This model allows you to control the humidity in your house as well.

If you want to experience the full range of comfort available from the Programmable and Non-Programmable Comfort Controls, give us at Rapid Cool a call!

Whole-Home Humidifiers

In terms of comfort, a humidifier can make a world of difference. Dry indoor air can change the feel of your home drastically, especially if anyone in your family has allergies to dust, or has asthma problems. Bryant humidifiers are UV-resistant durable, and easy to maintain and replace.
Talk to us at Rapid Cool and we can help you install your new Bryant humidifier fast and easy.

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