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Superior’s “Off Oil” Program

Switch from oil to propane: Superior's "off oil" program is back!

Back by popular demand is the “off oil” program for 2018, offering savings of $750 when you make the switch from oil to propane.

Check out the great info available at Superior Propane, including a savings calculator, here: Superior Propane Off Oil

Why Switch to Propane?

  • It’s Safe: Propane reduces your environmental impact. Plus, you’ll help reduce the risk of oil spills from corroding tanks.
  • It’s Environmentally Friendly. Propane is cleaner burning and more efficient than fuel oil.
  • It’s Economical Insurance is cheaper. Maintenance costs are lower. And the cost of switching can be paid for in fuel savings over time.
  • It’s Efficient. Appliances and furnaces that run on propane typically have a longer life span and lower maintenance costs.
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