Kamloops Plumbing, Refrigeration & Heating services by Rapid Cool

Financing available from as low as 59$ per month.

When Rapid Cool started in business in 1991, we committed ourselves to two important ideals;

  1. At Rapid Cool Heating and Refrigeration we take pride in our business. We know our customer’s will live with the solutions we install every hour they are in their home. And, when it comes time to sell and move on, the home comfort system must be an asset which adds value.
  2. Our commitment to exceptional service, high-quality equipment and expert design and installation has made us a leader in the heating, refrigeration, geo thermal, ventilation and air conditioning industry.

As you evaluate the options presented by our industry, we encourage you to look beyond the price and consider what you are getting for the money you are being asked to pay. Rather than shopping for the lowest price, we hope you will shop for the best value.

We have a SPECIAL OFFER FROM September 15th to December 31st with 3 months deferral.

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